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"Take it from me, I’ve been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it thinks you’re still alive
and everything’s wrong
It just gets so hard sometimes
Be calm.”

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Hey There Little One by JennsieKinz

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Dance with the Leaves by MapleDragon

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Favourite fighting-type // Mienshao

I don’t generally use fighting-types; they’re a funky bunch. However, the moment I saw mienshao I knew it. I knew that’d be a fighting-type that I’d use.

(… I use lucario or infernape most often as designated fighting-types, but. One’s hard to draw and the other is a favourite for another category.)

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day 6 - Favourite Fighting Type

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Day 6: Favorite Fighting Type

So I think weasels/ferrets are the coolest things so naturally I had to pick this guy for my favorite fighter. I trained one up on my first playthrough of White and always had a blast using him! (I love his prevo too cute little karate ferrets)

Pokeddexy days | 1234, 5

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Pokeddexy Day 6 - Favorite Fighting Type: Mienfoo/Mienshao

I really can’t choose between one of them, so… two for the price of one, I’d say my favorite Fighting type is this evolutionary line overall. Mostly design-wise as usual, and I might be biased as I have both a Mienfoo and a Mienshao characters… but here.


(Late) Pokeddexy Challenge Day 6 - Favourite Fighting Type - Mienshao

It’s the same as last year! My Mienshao Popori would get pretty pissed off with Len’s (my Pangoro) kids, especially since they have a habit of stealing berries from her kids.

Tried an action pose and its not amazing but its all trial and error I guess. Was fun though

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Day 6 fav fighting type: Mienshao~!!!!

Reason: So i had a Black Nuzlocke, and i thought this guy pretty much has a good design from when first saw it too /w anyway— in my Nuzlocke i caught one, and i put it in the Day Care so it’ll gain levels as i go out in my journey. So someone died, replaced them with her, and evolved! so yeah, i loved her very much then died on the battle against N’s Dad omfg- BUT YEAH I LOVE THIS POKEMON OK FAST AND STRONG GONNA MESS SHIT UP
A RLLY HUGE THANK YOU TO MY GOOD FRIEND PINDORI  FOR HELPING ME OUT IN THE BASE //sobs— i was still having trouble with posing and she helped out ;v; hh— thank you //HUGS  (a day late but i’ll do 7 & 8 together yes? <3)
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Pokemon drawing challenge - Day 6, Fighting!



I love how elegant Mienshao is. Also tried something different with my lines. I think I like it. 

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